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5 Reasons Coloured Sprinkle Drip Cake Is So Tempting

If you are looking for a stylish cake with attractive decoration that can blow away onlookers' minds, a coloured sprinkle drip cake is the best option. Order online cake and flower delivery in Jalandhar from anywhere, anytime, to make your loved ones feel special.

Here are the five reasons why sprinkle drip cake tempts you to grab a bite:

  1. The idea of chocolate dripping along the edges of a cake makes it more persuasive: You can choose a colour for your top layer, icing suiting your décor; however, the base should be white or any other light pastel colour accentuates its colourful appearance by adding the sprinkles.
  2. The option to choose from various drips: From painted or coloured gold to beads made from candy melt, royal icing, dark chocolate drops or white chocolate ganache, using your favourite colour is satisfying. However, if you are working with white chocolate, to colour intensity, its food colours are not appropriate to consider as these food colours contain water which does not mix with the chocolate well. It is indeed a hassle to make a perfect ganache with chocolate and water-based food colour. Choose powdered colour instead or an oil-based colouring option. If you use powdered colour pigments, it will not change your ganache's consistency, leaving it perfect for applying.
  3. An impressive cake with a buttercream swirl: A buttercream swirl over the top accentuates the glorious look of your cake. Create a rosette effect by using an appropriate pipe. It is essential to turn around the table gently in pace with your speed of icing decoration. To push the buttercream down while icing, you need to stop as well. Make sure to stay at the bottom of the cake rotation to add perfection to your icing design.
  4. Mesmerising colour symphony: A delightful purple shade is something that will make you fall in love with. Add a tint of sugar flair violet and some blue and pink hints to churn a pleasing shade of purple. Use a 6b pipe with a broader tip to give comprehensive coverage on your cake with icing and make it look appetising. Always prepare some extra icing cream to avoid any shortage as the complicated shades like purple are challenging to recreate with a similar colour tone as the previous preparation had.
  5. Enriched smooth textures: The perfect simple spongy cake, when amalgamated with the rich buttercream textures and tongue-twisting ganache, takes your cake-eating experience indeed to the next level. Choose a vanilla floured sponge to let it go well with any ganache and icing flavour you choose.

However, if you were explicitly using a rich dark chocolate ganache, you can add chocolate flavours of chocolate to the cake sponge a well to add an enriched chocolate taste to it. Cake home delivery in Zirakpur is just a click away. Order now!

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