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Different Ideas To Use Flowers As Decorative Items

Online Flowers Delivery - Flowers are the ultimate showstopper when it comes to decorative items. Flowers are colourful, bright and readily available to turn any occasion into an exuberant event. A celebration seems incomplete without flowers as one of the leading decorative items.  They blend into any chance effortlessly. There is something about flowers that are not just attractive to the eye but are medicine to the soul. Different kind of flowers is available easily in different shapes, sizes and colours. Here are a few ideas you can implement while planning an event by using fresh flowers as the highlight of the decorations.

CentrePiece or the Centre of Attraction

Flowers make for great centrepieces on any occasion. Be it events such as weddings, birthdays, bar mitzvahs, flowers are the first choice of any event planner. Every table adorned with a centrepiece and sometimes there are even exclusive centrepieces of the whole show catching the spotlight.

Yellow Color FlowersFlowers in Water

Water serves as a great combination with flowers when used for decorative purposes. Lotus or even other types of flowers can be used to float on water in the round, flat vases or bowls in between your house, workplace or during a momentous occasion. It is quickly attracted to the crowd and also has an aesthetic value.

Pendants or Flowers Strings

Another simple way of using flowers to decorate your living area is to hang them as strings or by making necklaces out of little flowers. Combine different flowers of varied colours to emphasise your accessory and hang it in places where it is easily noticeable by others. Also match it to the tone of your theme so that it stands out quite naturally. These can adorn walls of your house or workplace quite well.

Flowers Arrangement

That is a common tradition in India where the petals of the flowers are used to make designs on the floor, especially on the entrance of the houses. These designs are called Rangoli, which is a universal art form in different cities of India. The materials and flower delivery in Dehradun and other cities of India are done using various modes. Some visit markets, some order online and some even grow flowering plants in their courtyards.  You can also mix the art of vegetable carvings and fruits with flower arrangement to make it more creative.

Dried Flowers

Dried flowers are a trend that is catching up to use as decorative items. There are methods to dry flowers to retain the beauty the fresh ones still held. It can be a hobby where you dry flowers and make beautiful items as decor out of them. You can hang these dried flowers, put them in a vase or even make potpourri out of them. You can use it to make mini bouquets and also use them as backdrops for various events.

These are some of the ideas you can keep in mind while making use of flowers for decorations.

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